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An introduction

Hello there, I'm a newbie and writing to say hello and offer a brief introduction. I just rejoined liverjournal, and my inner (and outer) geek is revelling.
So I'm Holly, I'm nearly 20, I'm a second year student of languages at the University of Birmingham (UK), and I'm also chair of the LGBTQ Association - student group within my university. My interests are queer everything, and everything to do with words. I'm also currently setting up a book group in the association which will be running from September, for which I have been absorbing myself in queer literature over the past months. My favourite novels include Rita Mae Brown' "Rubyfruit Jungle", Jane Rule's "Desert of the Heart", Forster's "Maurice", Alan Hollinghurst "The Line of Beauty", and the works of Jeanette Winterson. Though there's still a lot of stuff I've yet to read!
I look forward to the forthcoming interesting discussions. :)
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