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Hi All!
I'm Caitlin, 18, going to be a freshman in college. I joined this community because I love to write. I've written two full-length novels so far, and the second is a Young Adult fiction piece entitled "Different Flavors". Among other things, it deals with some GLBTQ teens and their challenges, triumphs and first forays into romance. "DF" is also slated to have a sequel, which I'm working on now. I'm not published or anything, but in my dreams, I will be. :-) No, seriously...I want to try and get my books published one day, after a lot more editing.
I was inspired to write the "DF" series (I may have it be a trilogy) because I think that there need to be more books out there for GLBTQ youth. As one of my gay friends puts it, "I'm so sick of straight love permeating the bookshelves!" :-)
Some of my favorite Queer Lit books are those by Alex Sanchez and Julie Anne Peters. I also love the "Am I Blue" collection and "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys".
I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and joining in on book club discussions!
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